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USFS1035 - Concentration (g/m) Location Map
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Data Details
 Updated: 5/30 03:12  mst
 Concentration (g/m): 0
 Ambient Temp (C): 9
 RH external (%): 28 %
Air Quality Index
Air Quality Index - Current Conditions
g/m  0 40.0 80.0 175.0 300.0 500.0  
1 HR  0.0 g/m
Good Moderate Unhealthy Sensitive Unhealthy Very Unhealthy Hazardous
24 HR  0.0 g/m
g/m  0 12.0 35.4 55.4 150.4 250.4  

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Raw data presented for this site are collected in near-real time and are intended only as an indicator of recent air quality. Data must be interpreted with caution. The data on this page and in the "Data Details" summary have not been validated by human review and may contain errors. These data are provided for public awareness and Federal Land Manager review only. They should not be used in any medical or scientific study. Contact your regional air program manager to obtain quality-assured quarterly data summaries or access to fully-validated raw data.