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 USFS49 KERN BAM: Kernville, California   NPT1000: Orofino, Idaho 
 USFS50 PINE BAM: Pinehurst, California   Idaho1002: Kooskia area, Idaho 
 USFS51 SPRI BAM: Springville, California   SEKI1000 EBAM4: Three Rivers, California 
 USFS1013: East Tulare County area, California   NPS YOS1003 Ebam: El Portal, California 
 NPS SEKI-BAM: Three Rivers area, California   SEKI1002 EBAM5: Hammond, California 
 USFS1016: 1563 Forest Dr, Springville, CA 93265   NCUAQMD1004: 2382 State Highway 96, Willow Creek, CA 95573 
 USFS1042: Jemez Pueblo, New Mexico   NCUAQMD1001: Garberville, California 
 USFS1051: Johnsondale, California